Welcome to my blog!

I mainly founded this blog for an assignment for a mooc I’ve enrolled in.  The assignment is to “Reflect on a time when you performed really well – a time when you impressed yourself with your own performance.  Whether it was at work or at home, a presentation that was well received, tiling your bathroom, organizing a charity event, or running a marathon, think about what you did to set yourself up for that successful performance.  How did you prepare or train for it?  What skills did you have at the start?  Did you need to learn new skills to succeed?  If so, what were they?  What research did you complete that contributed to your high performance?  Write about your preparations in your blog…”

So, welcome to my blog!  The reason I have enrolled in this mooc is to Discover My Value in terms of human capital.  I aim to define my skills and talents and identify areas for improvement as well as document the learning process along the way.  This is my journey of self discovery, beginning with my reflection.


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