Handling Criticism – a stepping stone to higher self!

Rewrite Your Future

There are probably only some enlightened souls who don’t mind being criticized. The rest of us cringe at the thought of it. Some people run away from it. Then there are some, who don’t even attempt doing anything lest they be criticized!

Even though everyone hates it, no one has any qualms doling it out to others! J Inspite of knowing that all of us have our own faults and have our strong points and not so strong points, we still make the mistake of criticizing others. If you saw the face of the person criticismreceiving it cringe, then please don’t fool yourself and others saying you were just giving them some honest feedback! Feedback is given from a space of completion, where there is only an interest to see improvement in the other, whereas criticism is used only by a person who has vengeance and anger within!

There are…

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