In Memorium



My first son Ethyn Leslie Glazer was born on 24th June 2004.

Unfortunately he passed away before he was even 3 months old, on 13th September.  He would have been 10 tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a memorial and laid his ashes to rest in his great grandparents’ grave.

Ethyn’s Eulogy:


Today we remember Ethyn Leslie Glazer’s life as we bury his remains in this, his final resting place.  We lost Ethyn a long time ago but not a day goes by that we don’t miss him.

Although he was only with us for a short time in this life, I’m sure all who knew him will agree that he changed our lives forever.

His memory lives on in the minds of those who met him, in the hearts of those closest to us and in his little brother Troy.  He filled our lives with his laughter and brought many people closer.  I never knew I was capable of such love until I held him in my arms.  I was truly blessed with such precious little boys.

Ethyn would have turned 10 on Tuesday.  It is hard not to think of what could have been, but to find healing we must let go of the past and come to accept it.  By keeping his memory alive he lives on in us.  As we busy him today, we say our last goodbyes and allow his memory to rest in peace.


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