Mindful Monday: Scam Alert

I absolutely love this, this is definitely a big one for me.

Beguine Again

Last week, I started a mindfulness practice called Stop, Drop, and Text, sponsored by the Zen Monastery Peace Center and Livingcompassion.org. I wrote about Stop, Drop, and Text back in April, fully intending to sign up for the first practice session. I forgot. So much for mindfulness. However, I got organized when I heard the series would be offered again, signed up in time, and have been at it a week now.

The Stop, Drop, and Text practice asks for a commitment to a four-week text-based correspondence in which the student texts a trained facilitator three times a day about our mental “process” in that moment. The text includes three components: identifying (1) what process is happening in your perception of your experience, (2) what you are seeing about that process, and (3) where you want to go next. Three times a day, you Stop, Drop, and…

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