How skinny is too skinny?

I’ve been working from home until quite recently, so I don’t get out much.  That’s why when I put myself back on the job market this week and went out and had a few interviews I was not at all prepared for the reaction I got from everyone.  Apparently, I’m way too thin.

I started getting thinner a year ago, but trying on my Maid of Honour’s dress the other day for my sister’s upcoming wedding made me realise for the first time just how much.  I’ve dropped two dress sizes so far and counting.  Time for a bigass wake up call.

Ok so a part of me knew something was wrong; somehow I have been trying to cope with my issues by hunger striking.  What am I getting out of it?  Attention?  Well it’s not the kind I wanted in any case.  One prospective employer called my old employer to ask why I was so thin – is this going to affect my chance of finding a job?  As though I don’t have enough on my ‘plate’ – remembering to eat when you’ve long forgotten the difference between hunger and feeling empty sounds more like stress to me than help.

“So just eat.”  Isn’t there another way?

Yeah, we have a problem.


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