the secrets to finding real happiness.

enlightened globetrekker

Happiness comes from within. We have all heard this by now. But, what does this trendy phrase really mean?. And how do we create true happiness within? Inner happiness that is pure and true and not fake, not a front for unhappiness, not a phase or temporary disposition or five yoga class enlightenment, but real, true, unwavering internal happiness, unable to be affected by the trials and tribulations of life, unable to be affected by relationship dramas or stressors, unable to be taken, but a true balance of happiness in the soul, that exudes out and never falters, no matter what. In today’s society, in the West, in this really possible to achieve?


Then How?

1. Love yourself. Care for yourself, tend to your needs to be, and stay, balanced. Sports, hobbies, habits. Respect yourself. Stand up for yourself. Be confident. Trust yourself. Remember that you are beautiful and…

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