We Are Here To Leap

The Truth You Always Knew

We may actually evolve by highering the frequency at which we oscillate.

Electromagnetic frequencies do not emanate energy into the body they pass through if the body does not respond to them.

So I was hypothesizing a scenario where we could be beings of light, flying, flowing through the universe. Creating and controlling matter and energy around us at will, to be however we wanted it to be.

And we could even go straight up to the sun or stars and not get burnt because we would have become a complete manifestation of light/being.

Transparent in a sense. But whole. An energy threshold we have not experienced yet, but that we intuitively know can exist.

That’s after the evolution and after the win and after the dance and after the peace and all that. That’s literally when we are free to grow into the next levels of frequencies and they…

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