Life’s Little Irritations

My Wonky Life

15-sitting-meditation1_300We can use Mindfulness in every situation, try a few of these and see how it makes you feel.

  • Stand on the escalator, on the correct side and be aware of people passing.
  • Pick up a piece of litter someone drops and put it in the bin with your negative feelings.
  • If you hear someone shout in a moment of road rage, (or anger) let it flow over you.
  • If you need a seat on a bus or a train, ask someone politely if they’d be so kind as to let you sit down.
  • Walk through a door and hold it open for someone behind you.
  • Ask for what you need or want – a glass of water, a window to be opened.
  • Forgive lateness of delay by using the time to appreciate your surroundings.
  • Let these little, unimportant things happen around you, and just be.

(The Mindfulness Journal: Corinne…

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