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Reasons to meditate and not to meditate!

Meditation and healing

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bodypainWhen we are sick or in pain we tend to pull the muscles of the body uptight. Often our legs are drawn up towards the body and are arms held tight against our breast. In this position we trap all the negative energy that is making us feel bad.

We need to realise that our body is a powerful source of energy and that the energy within us is connected to the energy around us. For instance how many times after a disagreement or lack of sleep or just a stressful day do we feel unwell? I know from my own experience that the more tired i become the worse the Fibromyalgia pain is and the more chance i have of succumbing to a migraine, which makes the pain in my body much worse. However, I have never found a migraine to just happen, my body normally warns me for…

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Mindfulness = Tuning in to our own inner strength

The Benefits of Laughter

Kitt O'Malley

Benefits of Laughter

Thank you, Melissa Garzon, MD (medical school in Columbia – how cool is that!), MPH (master in public health from UC Berkeley – where I got my BA), for creating this great infographic. I just LOVE Melissa. She laughs at my jokes. Not only that, she’s the Multicultural Coordinator for NAMI Orange County and handles Outreach and Social Media. For those who cannot read the infographic (the obvious downside of infographics is that not everyone can read graphics – why alt text or text following the graphic is so important), here’s what it says:

Benefits of Laughter – Chuckle!

Get on your giggle and check out the potential benefits of laughter on your mind, body and soul!

  • Improves memory
  • Makes you prettier (my favorite benefit)
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relieves tension in muscles
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Strengthens relationships by increasing trust
  • Reduces depression & anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality

“Use your smile…

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Quote of the day- The important things

The Fabric of our Soul

The important things…❤️


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