Ten Times… day 7

A complicated person, with a complicated life


Ten of your favorite historical moments.  Hmmm… not to good with history so I’ll probably not come up with 10 but here goes.

  1. 6/26/15 Marriage Equality Passes for all 50 States
  2. July 4th Independence Day
  3. July 17th, 1955 Disneyland Opens
  4. A long time ago- The Renaissance Period
  5. March 2012 maybe 2011- DOMA is repealed and Prop 8 is over turned.  DOMA is the defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 was same sex people couldn’t marry in California
  6. 2008- First US black president

Hey I got over 1/2 I didn’t think I’d do that good.

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