Wait it Out!

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“Patience is bitter,

but its Fruit is Sweet.”



Keep Going!


Be Brave!

-Be Brave.Even if You're Not, Pretend to Be.Noone can tell the difference.-

“Be Brave.

Even if You’re Not, Pretend to Be.

Noone Can Tell The Difference.”

-Jackson Brown



“If You can Dream it,

You can Do it!”

– Walt Disney

Be Kind!


Be Kind To All Creatures

This is The True Religion


This post is dedicated to the memory of a young girl who lost her life to suicide this week. I didn’t know her very well, but her death has left its mark on me for a few reasons. 

As a member of a few support groups for people who share my condition, namely borderline personality disorder, I have a lot of interaction, directly and non-directly with people who, like me, are hurting. While these groups are designed to be a ‘safe space,’ the sad fact is, the members are by definition, troubled, and it is inevitable that differences of opinion between such emotional people will erupt into an ordeal.

While the moderators do their best, things can spiral out of control and sadly in this case, a girl who came to the group desperate and in need of support was attacked by one of the members. While this thoughtless person has since been banned from this particular group, she cannot take all the blame for another person’s tragic decision for herself. But if anything, the situation really highlights how much of an impact we have on each others’ lives.

While a cruel choice of words can ruin someone’s day and even result in the tragic loss of a life, kindness is exponentially more powerful.

I am not a shrink, although I have studied the field of psychology extensively, I’m just a hurting person who is trying to make my way in the world and trying to help others if and where I can. I don’t have all the answers, nor do I even have the right to tell anyone that ‘life is good,’ but if the least I can do is be kind, then that is what I am going to do. The world can be a cruel and terrible place, I’m reminded of that now more than ever.

I take back every time I ever said ‘keep that negativity away from me.’ Bring it here, sit down next to me – let’s talk about it. Cry, swear, break things – I won’t tell you you’re wrong to do so. It will only promise you that it will pass.

RIP Tori

Ask! Nay, Demand!


“You Get in Life

What You Have The Courage

To ASK For!”

– Oprah Winfrey

Do it!


You must do the things

you think you cannot do.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt