How To Take A Day Off!

There’s something so magical about waking up on a lazy Saturday morning, hearing the rain beating down on the roof, gurgling peacefully against the windowpane and realising somewhere deep down that you’re not going outside today.   Winter isn’t going to be here for much longer but while it is here there’s no better way to milk what’s left of it by rewarding yourself with one day of hibernation! Indulge in the opportunity to spoil yourself with a full day of self-pampering and avoiding all responsibilities.  Unplug yourself from the grid, put all your devices in the drawer, find your comfiest slippers and let’s begin!

It may seem fairly obvious but studies have shown that rest and self-love promote health by reducing stress and providing balance. In a fast-paced, ever more connected world, placing so much demand on us, we are so addicted to the constant connection that we have forgotten the importance of self-love.  We don’t always realise the damage we do to our bodies when we forget to slow down and smell the roses once in a while. So before the guilt sets in, remember, this is for your health!

New studies being published every day are showing more and more that meditation not only reduces stress and lowers blood pressure in the short term, but also promotes healthier patterns of relating which contribute towards long term mental health and happiness.  So begin by sitting for as long as you can, focusing on your breath and the sound of the rain or the birds outside and admire how beautiful this moment really is.  Instagram will still be there when you’re done, you can do this!

“Me” day wouldn’t be complete without some tunes to set the scene.  Set your favourite playlist of laidback tracks guaranteed to get you in a feel good mood – extra points if you can sing or hum along! Scientists have proven that people who sing out loud are generally happier, healthier and live longer.  So whether Celine Dion is your thing or you’re a hard core Belieber, crank that dial and croon those blues away!

Now that the ambience is set and you’re feeling relaxed it’s time to get started with the real indulgence – pampering and spoiling yourself from head to toe!  Light some aromatically scented candles and incense or essential oils and run yourself a luxurious bubble bath.  Take your time washing each finger and toe likes it’s the most fascinating body part you’ve ever come across.  Indulge your body with a home-made sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin.  All you mix is one part coconut or olive oil with two parts brown sugar with a dash or two of cinnamon. Melt the oil in the microwave for a minute before adding the sugar.  If you’re singing to “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard then you’re really getting the hang of it. While you’re at it, go on and pour yourself a glass of wine too – wine has been proven to drastically reduce your tendency to give a damn – this is your day!  Not only that, but it has been proven to reduce your risk of getting cancer, diabetes and many other ailments.

By now you may have a hard time remembering what you were so stressed out about to begin with; but we’re not done yet, not without a smudging session to wrap it all up.  Smudging is a great technique for cleansing your aura, your home and your mind from all the clutter and negative energy that has been collecting.  You can make your own smudge stick by rolling some sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender and mint into a neat little bushel tied together with some cotton.  Light the smudging stick at the top so that it’s smoldering, not burning.  Surround yourself with the smoke; first at your feet, slowly moving upwards and around and all over your body. If something has been negatively affecting you, visualise the smoke carrying away all the associated anxiety.  Watch your depression, stress and negative thought patterns dance, twist and meander away out of sight.  Visualise yourself removing these mental cobwebs as you walk peacefully through your home, waving the smudge stick in a sweeping motion, letting the smoke get into every corner of your home, revitalising your senses and driving away any remaining tension.

Now your skin should be tingling, your senses singing as you float around your home on a cloud of calm. Wind down with a great big stretch, take a deep breath, flop onto your couch, wriggle your toes and relax! Oh alright you can go ahead and get your smartphone out of the drawer.


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