Knock Knock…!

…Who’s There? Opportunity!

Life will suprise you!.png

Life is full of surprises when you approach it with a good attitude and open mind!




Drink It In! (1).png

“Look past your thoughts,

so that you may drink the pure nectar

of this moment.”

– Rumi


I have been getting a lot of feedback requesting me to make my posts a bit meatier. It’s not that I am afraid of writing, I actually freakin’ love it, I am just afraid of oversharing. Truth be told, I love to learn about the virtues of radical acceptance, but I have far from mastered it. I struggle with trust issues, for a variety of reasons which I have gone out of my way to keep very close to my chest.

I’m starting to think that maybe a few people are onto something, that maybe holding it all in doesn’t really serve me. I know that all my relapses have been preceded by a period of me insisting that I’m fine. I’m usually not fine, but that comes out when I’m in hospital.

To be honest, I am sick of hospitals. So maybe it’s time to start unpacking all this baggage. The trauma, the health issues, all of it. It has occurred to me that it might help me in my fight against anorexia. So I’ll start with that. I am going to share my weight journey – all the ups and downs (or lacks thereof) – and deal with what comes up along the way.

It’s going to get pretty gory (I guess will have to change names to protect the guilty), so fasten your seatbelts, dear readers!

Thanks for your ongoing support, each and every one of you mean so much to me!

Don’t Be Caught With Your Pants Down!


They say that hindsight is 20/20. Indeed, we tend to do the majority of our learning from our mistakes – it’s all part of the human experience. For example, my sister recently learned the hard way that getting car insurance quotes is something you should do BEFORE you get into a car accident.

You see, my sister Nikki is one very busy lady. She is a very successful business owner, wife and mother of 2 – with yet another baby on the way, due any second now. As you can well imagine, with so much on her plate, and with the looming expense of another new baby to contemplate, insuring her Audi was on a bottomless to-do list that never quite got checked off.

While nobody can blame her for being distracted – pregnancy brain is a very real thing! – and let’s be honest, most people feel that car insurance is a grudge purchase anyway; far less important than more pressing matters, right? Well that’s where she was so very, very wrong!

In a rush to get everything done that needed to be done in preparation for the new incumbent, as well as to try and keep her salon stocked and meet all her back-to-back client appointments, Nikki wasn’t paying attention in traffic and found herself T-boned. Thankfully she was bruised but OK, and the baby was fine. Unfortunately, her car and the other driver’s car were a mess, and both had to be towed away. In shock, Nikki began to panic, as the reality of what could have happened sank in. Once she calmed down, relieved that no serious injuries were sustained, she did what she should have done months ago – she went looking for insurance quotes.(Well, she got her hubby to, anyway).

What she didn’t realise at the time was just how far this regret would trickle down into every aspect of her life. Without transport she could no longer drop the kids or fetch them from school. She can’t go shopping or buy supplies without her hubby, even getting to doctor appointments is now a hassle. Uber is fantastic, but it is by no means free.

Her oldest son, who has just started grade 1, has had to stay in aftercare for the day. The school didn’t want to accept him into aftercare as they were fully booked, but they made an exception due to extreme circumstances. So there’s Uber, towing and aftercare that have been unexpectedly added onto the budget. Then there’s the matter of the Audi repair. Current tentative estimations are R20000, but they are expecting it to be much more. As for the other driver’s car repairs, that’s yet to be revealed.

Still think that car insurance is a luxury? There’s a saying that goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It is so scary to contemplate how life can change in an instant. No matter how careful we try to be, we can never know the future – we can only do our best to be prepared.

As a parent and business owner,  I have learned time and time again that the more you have, the more you stand to lose. Unexpected expenses that come from car accidents go further than spray jobs; medical bills, loss of income and emotional trauma can not only put a dent in your business, it can end it!

The story has a happy(er) ending. Nikki’s hubby found a car insurance company that exceeded his expectation, and since they have two cars they even receive a 20% discount! These guys even have plans that offer decreasing premiums (what?!). Whether you are insured or not, you should definitely check out King Price Insurance – you only stand to gain!

Beat It Down!

-Opportunity does not knock. It presents itself when you eat down the door.- - Kyle Chandler.png

“Opportunity does not knock.

It presents itsself

when you beat down the door.”

– Kyle Chandler

Believe It!

-When you believe in yourself, you have 100% of the people you need on your side.- - Anima Vitam.png

“When you believe in yourself, you have

100% of the people you need on your side.”

– Anima Vitam

Hang In There!

-Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.- - William Feather.png


seems to be largely a matter of

hanging on

after others have let go.”

– William Feather

Be Notorious!

“Forget safety.-.png

“Forget safety.

Live where you fear to live.

Destroy your reputation.

Be notorious.”

– Rumi


I have been hit with a major depressive episode and have been mostly hiding in my room for about a week now. When it gets bad like this, sometimes the scariest thing in the world can be my own thoughts. Then again, when you can conquer the fear in your own mind, what is there really left to be afraid of?